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Our belief is that an undocumented professional should have a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. We aim to do this by creating an environment of mentor-ship and community with a sustainability that allows for the next generations to have the possibility of choosing.

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Our Mission

What we do?

Undocuprofessionals is a National Community for and by the Undocumented Community of Educators Students, Activists, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals.

Our Mission is to create a safe platform for the undocumented communities to highlight their experiences from student as they transition to professionals. Our 3 main goals are to: build community, networking and empowering


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“Growing Up #Undocumented was something I knew but didn’t realize what it really meant till I hit my late 20s. Having to be an adult and find a job became something scary..."

My parents brought me to the U.S at the age of three, I grew up in south central LA, finished high school and found out that I was not able to continue my education. I was forced to work ...”

Moved to the US at the age of 18. I went to adult school, learned English and looked for opportunities to go to college. While I was in community college I used to sell stuff at...



We believe that undocumented professionals should not be discriminated because of their legal status. Our primary goal is to create a new level of opportunity for undocumented professionals. Through our community we can break down the barriers that so many face when completing their education and entering the workforce. We strive to work with schools, business and larger companies to adopt career pathways and nondiscriminatory policies towards professionals that are undocumented.

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